The World’s Most Compact Foldable Seat Rest Easy

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 The World's Most Compact Foldable Seat. Rest Easy. 

For the first time, ergonomic seating is truly portable, inconspicuous enough to use in public and exceptionally functional. FoldSit Pro lets you enjoy all the benefits of portable resting without being a burden to bring along. 

Imagine if you could pop out a foldable seat when your back and knees start aching, watching your favorite sports or concert, Imagine not having to carry a clumsy chair with you when going hunting, fishing or bird watching, Remember standing in 2+ hour passport lines after 8 hours of flight or waiting for delayed transportation

NOW, IMAGINE: Having a seat in your pocket that will help you stay focused and active, keeping you in eye height with your standing friends while being inconspicuous enough for nobody to notice!

We have made folding and unfolding super easy by decorating all moveable parts with pictograms, that will take you on a guided tour of how to open and securely locking your FoldSit Pro. By flipping the sides of FoldSit Pro upwards a seat is formed and an adjustable leg is revealed, adjustable from 17 cm to 87 cm and supports the up to 130 kg. The leg is extended by pulling the lowest part to its extreme and then turning the top slider and bottom at the same time in opposite direction. A sweet clicking sound will tell you are doing the right thing, and the pictograms will visually tell you that the product is securely fastened, and ready for rest.

Why choose the FoldSit Pro?
Most foldable, are clumsy and inconvenient, and worst of all they seat you in the worst position thinkable - especially if used with a standing crowd. The clear physiological benefit when using FoldSit Pro is Balance and core is stimulated, and your back is automatically straightened which increases blood flow and keeps you focused.

Features & Benefits:

  • Glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate
  • Designed and Produced in the small and happy Kingdom of Denmark
  • Weighs 0.56 kg/1.23 lbs. and has a weight capacity of up 100 kg/220 lbs. Measured from the users seating position and upwards
  • Height adjustable to fit all sizes. Adjust height by putting FoldSit Pro in the desired angle, or unlock one or more tubes to adjust height levels. For best balance create a tripod stance with FoldSit Pro. Place FoldSit Pro firmly under your bottom.
  • Good for stress relief on the back, and knees especially during standing for longer periods of time during music and sports events, or use FoldSit Pro for quick rest during a hike or a golf tournament. Bring it with you securely through Airport Security, and use it in long airport lines.
  • Comes with one interchangeable anti-slip rubber foot, that grips any surface securely. Use FoldSit Pro anywhere from metro/subway floors to grass and forest undergrowth.
  • FoldSit Pro's one of a kind telescopic mechanism allows for extreme compatibility and portability, designed to be quick and easy to use! For the first time ever it's truly hassle-free to bring a seat for resting while on the go - fold and unfold it in seconds, and you are ready to keep moving.